Rebel between the borders

Nadia Tehran is sometimes compared to M.I.A. – the beat, the rebellious attitude, the powergirl that grows up between the borders and tells about that in her songs. But Nadia also stands for her own, with her style that moves somewhere between trap, hip hop and pop. Having been a singer and leader of several bands, she’s gotten quite well known in Sweden. With her first solo album “Life is Cheap, Death is Free” and especially with the video for the single “Refugee”, that she shot illegaly in Iran, she got more attention outside of Sweden. The song deals with racism in western Europe, that Nadia is confronted with. In the same time, shooting the video in Iran was a fight against an authoritarian regime that cuts the rights especially from women.


“Me and my father went to Iran to record this video. Crossing that border I never knew how much this project would effect everyone around me. I want to thank my family and friends for standing strong with me. This is my history; right in the gap between the systems, belonging nowhere and everywhere. This is a comment on the Western worldʼs paranoia, and a wink to a regime who think they can control us. We have no place but in the opposition. No fear.”
//Interview mit Emma Garland (Noisey)


At CLINCH she will present her current album.
Listen here and look forward to the concert!