Knowledge is a power


10:00 – 13:00


“S.A.E” Journey

with Maissara M. Saeed

​ “S.A.E” refers to “seeking Asylum in Europe”. The term is of my own invention. During my “S.A.E” Journey I fought intensively for my freedom, rights and dignity. I was prisoner in Vienna, sexual harassment victim in Munich and a file number in Braunschweig. Now I am satisfied, because I collect Knowledge about how can a man survive in this tough “S.A.E”? And “who is the correct” partner in this journey? I have had experiences with many different citizens, activists, groups and institutions. ​

Simply, I want to share knowledge  with newcomers to German society and those who are interested to give information about what to do? where to go? with whom you can talk? who you can trust? .. etc, in different fields: Health, politic, culture and social affairs, through different areas: discriminations, racism, sexual orientations & harassment, children and women … etc.

Workshop in englischer Sprache für max. 25 Teilnehmer*innen
This workshop is in English, with a limit of 25 participants


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