decolonize your art gallery

You’ll have a small glimpse on what will happen on CLINCH, with our teaser poster. The illustration on the poster is a part of the series “Decolonize! Create Spaces of Love!” by @decolonial_killjoy, who we are happy to host at the festival with an exhibition of her art.


@decolonial_killjoy is an artist and activist, mainly located in Vienna where she is founder and curator of “WE DEY x SPACE” – a self organized community centre for Black and PoC artists. Being founded in 2013, WE DEY is not only a place for certain projects, such as exhibitions, workshops or film screenings, but also a platform for connecting and supporting each other.


In WE DEY, but also in her own art, @decolonial_killjoy is focusing on the visibility of marginalized perspectives and bodies, showing possibilities that can emerge from radical, utopian, queer feminist collectivity of Black and People of Color.


Clinch Teaser Poster