CLINCH Concerts & Party

Concert & Party

Saturday, 21:00 Ebow / 22:30 Nadia Tehran / 23:30 – 3:00 Party with Bad&Boujee


Ebow attracted attention for the first time with guerilla gigs in the area around Munich‘s Bahnhofsviertel, performing in laundromats, supermarkets or on the tram. Followed by numerous gigs on more conventional stages. The self-produced half-our video mixtape „Habibi‘s Love and Wars“ altered between Hip Hop and oriental beats and wrapped social reality into aggressive lyrics ranging from gender roles and false patriotism to arms trafficking.

„Komplexität“ is Ebows new album. Komplexität (complexity) because the word is describing the Status quo of our present and Ebow wants to put it in words. Complexity also because the album wants to span a spectrum from socially critical rap to intimate reflections and Club bangers.

With her latest album “Life is cheap, death is free” Nadia Tehran goes to the limits of personal and political identity, showing that she is not afraid of authorities or crossing borders. So she shot the Video for her single  „Refugee“ in the land of her ancestors – in Iran. A country in which the rights of women are so limited, that the mere fact of having a camera pointed at her was suspicious enough for the police to interrogate her. During the interrogation she hid the memory card with the video recording in her underwear and so her message survived:  I am what I do, and I do what I want. According to this motto Nadia Tehrans music is located somewhere between Trap, Pop and Punk, with lyrics that address belonging, freedom and the struggles for it.

Bad&Boujee is the first all black female DJ & MC collektive in Austria and was founded to support and celebrate Black women with different backgrounds. At the CLINCH party Elisabeth Taruvinga & Enyonam Tetteh-Klu and Tonica Hunter will spin the records for us.


Entrance without Festivalpass:  advance booking: 19,60 € | box office: 20 € | with discount: 16 € | Hannover Aktiv Pass: 10 €