The Future is… I

20 minutes with Noah Sow

Thursday, 18:30


Planning and organizing transformative events: Challenges, autonomy, utopias

Noah Sow shares her experiences at many different events: Worst case scenarios, common traps and how to avoid them.

The traditions of how we [*are allowed to] organize events in Germany grew just as much as the social conditions that we want to change. If we continue to plan our events according to these traditions „‘cause that‘ s the way we do it (so far)“,  our well-meant projects will automatically become part of the problem.

Noah Sow –  writer, artist and activist – will give a lot of empowering input from her seminar on how to avoid common traps in drafting, planning and organizing transformative events and projects. Suitable for all kinds of events, whether it is Black History Month, a DIY Camp, LadyFest, a concert, an exhibition, a theater performance, a congress or a lecture.