Black Community*Relaxation and Meditation Class: Empowermentyoga


Freitag, 6:50 – 8:30


Drop-In-Session with Noah Sow. Registration is not necessary (but punctuality is).

We are not able to control our irritating environment. However we can learn to center ourselves to overcome day-to-day life challenges, hardships and struggles. This class presents Indian relaxing rituals which can be helpful with that.

It is not a gym lesson, since (contrary to the colonial Western interpretation) Yoga is not a sport but a system to reconcile body, mind and soul – and if desired spirituality – mostly via breathing exercises and guided meditation.

This class is for Black, Sinti, Roma,  Asian, IndígenX* and friends of Color who are considered safe. Please be on time (!) and bring a Yoga mat/sleeping mat/blanket.