Diverse childhoods – versatile institutions?


Friday, 9:30 – 12:30


2 Workshops for 16 participants each

Toys, books, songs, spatial or organizational arrangements—who or what is considered socially „different“ is extensively made clear to children already in their first years of life. Physical characteristics, gender, form of family or skills become (among other distinctions) of direct importance for children.

Workshop 1 ) Facing up to discrimination in daycare and elementary school: Chances and challenges

In this workshop we will think about ways to include and empower all children in school. What does professional responsibility for an environment free from discrimination mean? What possibilities for an intervention do educators and parents have?

The workshop is for educators and qualified employees in daycare centers and elementary schools. It is meant for qualified employees who are considered  german and white in Germany and who are willing to critically reflect on discrimination and racism.


Please register for the workshop by writing an e-mail to clinch@pavillon-hannover.de


Workshop 2) Possibilities of Empowerment in daycare centers and elementary school for educators of Color

This workshop wants to open up a so called Safer Space for educators of Color, to  find individual and collective ways to handle experiences of discrimination based on racism and migration. That includes on the one hand being the affected employee who is supporting children and parents in case of discrimination and on the other hand being alone with personal experiences of discrimination made within the institution itself. These Safer Spaces for cooperative learning and counseling are part of an empowering process.

The workshop is open for educators of Color, Black educators and educators who face discrimination in Germany because of their (family) biography of migration.


Please register for the workshop by writing an e-mail to clinch@pavillon-hannover.de

Nadine Golly and Ilinda Bendler are working for KARFI – an education collective that offers antiracist and decolonising education and empowerment.